A well-built, flat-bottom, square boat can sail across the Pacific or sail along the coast, not needing formal ports, but using thousands of natural shelters along the shoreline.

Are Shoal Draft Boats Seaworthy?

Phill Bolger's book is available on Amazon for about $20+

Shoal Square Boats

Not a Square Boat

32' Shannon Shoalsailer 2002 $173,900

Triloboats can be built in back yards with marine ply and lumberyard materials.

Luna In Sitka

David Raison's Teamwork Evolution Trans-Atlantic
Mini victorious racing Scow

Bolger #501:

35'X12' Live-Aboard Sailing Scow

35'X12' Live-Aboard Sailing Scow Page2

Aussies Sail Junk-Rigged To Greenland

The Modern Chinese Junk Sail: cheap to build, easy to use, and easy to repair at sea. Teleport is not square, plywood , or shoal draft , but her junk sail took her through the Northwest Passage.

Sea Trials on Teleport

Getting Ready to Leave Halifax

Halifax to St Anthony

Video Update #7 Greenland

Video Update #9 Preparations Cambridge Bay #2


Slacktide, plywood live-aboard triloboat

26X7 Triloboat SlackTide


Sailing Scows are not the best sailing vessels, they just have to get your "mobile home" from point A to point B. During bad weather they can take to the beach and wait it out.

Bolger #501 Sailing Scow Live on Board